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Feeling burnout? Here's why..

A thing that I have been thinking about recently:

I used to have the absolute opposite of a growth mindset 🤯 until I became aware of the problem, and I've recently begun sharing some of the lessons I've learned (and still learning) along the way.💗

What I meant by "the opposite of growth mindset" was that I used to give myself breaks on the tiniest stuff I accomplish🧘🏽, such as studying for 30 minutes and claiming that it was enough just because I had lost focus🤭, completely ignoring the reality that a normal mind cannot focus for more than 30-45 minutes.😂

So, what I've been attempting to do lately is push myself beyond its limits🏋🏽 (which I’ve put to it). And I'm sharing two of the quotes that have been sticking on my mind recently:

“Tired is only in the mind” And we can integrate it with the second one, “mind is like Social Media algorithm, the thoughts you interact with, grows”

The conclusion of the story is:

1-you need to gain better mental control because once you do, you'll be able to maximize your mind's capabilities (and bro those abilities are crazily limitless🤯).

2-Whenever you feel fatigued, try pushing yourself a little harder before taking a break; and when you do take a break, remember that you don't need to relax for an entire day😴; 30-60 minutes of rest will be sufficient for you to be able to get back to work.

Your mind is limitless just like you!!!!

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