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Feeling burnout? Here's why..

A thing that I have been thinking about recently:

I used to have the absolute opposite of a growth mindset 🤯 until I became aware of the problem, and I've recently begun sharing some of the lessons I've learned (and still learning) along the way.💗

What I meant by "the opposite of growth mindset" was that I used to give myself breaks on the tiniest stuff I accomplish🧘🏽, such as studying for 30 minutes and claiming that it was enough just because I had lost focus🤭, completely ignoring the reality that a normal mind cannot focus for more than 30-45 minutes.😂

So, what I've been attempting to do lately is push myself beyond its limits🏋🏽 (which I’ve put to it). And I'm sharing two of the quotes that have been sticking on my mind recently:

“Tired is only in the mind” And we can integrate it with the second one, “mind is like Social Media algorithm, the thoughts you interact with, grows”