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Grow your Instagram organically with 0$

#TipOfTheWeekWithOmar Grow Organically!

Paid growth is tempting as it shows fast results, but does it last long? NO!

That’s one advantage of organic growth over paid growth. And, to be honest, it’s enough to make you consider organic growth. Who doesn’t want long-term results with less money?

So, let’s get into it!

#1 Have a long-term content strategy (plan)

You want long-term results, don’t you? Then you should plan long-term too! Obviously.

What is a content strategy? I’ll explain it in detail next week, but briefly, it’s the plan you create to know where you’re going with your content.

#2 Use memes. Yes!

Memes are probably the most shareable content type online. Because what kind of person doesn’t like to laugh?!