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How to become a successful freelancer (Full Roadmap of 5 (7) Steps)

Who doesn’t want to be a freelancer and have time freedom? Who doesn’t want to have the ability to scale their business to 6-7 Figures?

Of course, we all do! But how can we do it?

Here are 7 Steps to start Freelancing:

#1 Acknowledge that you know nothing!

Of course, this is not the case if you got the skills and the experience.

But I’m talking about someone whose primary goal is to be a freelancer and do what they love!

It’s essential to accept that you know nothing and you’ll start from the underground and up!

#2 The Skills

#2-A Identify the Skill

Try to discover more about yourself and what you love to do. Explore different things and try all the options.

Eventually, you’ll settle on something that will spark 💡 the bulb in your head!

#2-B Acquiring the Skill

To acquire a skill, you got 2 methods. Depending on your personality, you can choose one of them.

Method #1: YOUTUBE! Youtube has literally everything! You can learn anything on youtube. BUT, it can get distracting sometimes. So, if you can focus easily, Youtube is a great option!

Method #2: Paid Course. This method is best for people who struggle with focusing and get distracted easily.

A paid course will divide the course module perfectly and you’ll be committed to it because you lost money on it. So, do you want this money to be a loss or an investment?

#2-C Practicing the Skill